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Friday, January 20th, 2017

From the Desk of HEalth and Fitness Pal.

Dear Friend/ myfiitnesspal,

One Windy Sunday Evening, I sat and wondered why lots of women are still moving around with saggy arms, protruded and flabby belly and overall body fat.  

Despite the number of weightloss solutions we see every day on Newspapers, blogs, infomercials etc.  

I sat and asked myself quietly…

 If all the solutions being sold out there live up to their promises, then we should have much more fit, healthy, young looking and Vibrant Men and Women out there.  

But the reverse is the case!  

Every day that passes by, some women are losing their self-esteem, struggling with their health and finding it hard to attract a life partner.

Every day that passes by, people are dying of fat related illnesses like Heart attack, Type 2 Diabetes and even Cancer of the breast....

Every day that passes by, some women are crying in the bedroom when they look at themselves in the Mirror. Every day that passes by more women are losing their spouse and Fiancées to better looking slim fitted girls outside.  

But Still, on a Daily basis people are spending their hard earned money on these promoters of “Quick fix Solution” for weightloss who are after ripping you of your hard earned money.  


The simple truth is that, these promoters don’t mean the best for you and I, with over 10,000 solutions for weightloss out there, most of them are after their share of the big pie in the Health industry.

They are all after their pockets and filling them with your money and my money.  


And that is why they fail to tell you the “Hard Truth about Losing weight!  


That is why they keep selling you “Quick fixes” that will never ever work on the long run.  


But you may be asking, who really am I to make all these authoritative statements?  


My Name is Dr. (Mrs) Trisha Morgan, one of the few renowned and Legitimate Nigerian Fatloss Coach and a Nutritionist by Profession. I have with my various coaching and Programs helped over 3000 Nigerian Men and Women achieve their dream body. All Naturally!


This is because as a Former fat woman, who lost her first ever job in a health firm because of my size, had serious health threats as well as finding it hard to settle in any relationship because I always looked older than my partners.  

Even when I was just 27 years old. All the men I met were scared I will look way older and fatter once I give birth!  


Trust me I know how it feels to be struggling with UGLY and Unwanted body fats...

If you have a long story that can make your audience bored to death, here's some tips to make it interesting:

  •  I know how it feels when at just 25 years, you are being referred to as Mama K, Mama this, Or Orobo by your friends and colleagues.
  • I know how it feels when you sweat and pant for breath after just walking a few meters by foot or climbed your office stairs.
  • I know how it feels when because of your size, your spouse starts looking outside for slim fit chicks.
  • I know how it feels when you find it hard to buy a fitting dress while all your Nice gowns and cloths in the wardrobe are now Under sized.
  • I know how it feels when you are the only one who needs to buy and extra yard of Ase Obi for your next friends Marriage.
  • I know how it feels when your self-esteem has fallen to a Zero level and you no longer go on outings or even take pictures because you don’t want to feel bad about it.
  • I know how it feels when you spend half your salary on a new slimming tea and drug you saw online but was unable to lose even 2kg after over 3 weeks…

Trust me I know what all these feels like because I have been there, I have seen it all and finally I was able to walk out of it alas.  

I had tried everything under the sun to lose fat but I ended up getting little or no result to show for.  


From Starvation Diet, Adkins Diet, Indomie Diet, Numerous weightloss pills, Chineese slimming teas and all what not.  


I had even registered in the gym but due to my tight daily schedule, I had to quit!  


It was a frustrating experience to say the least!  


And to worsen the case my health was on the downward spiral. I will feel so tired at any slight activity, I was so scared of dying of heart attack and when I discovered that Cancer of the breast has been linked with Obesity, I realized I needed to do something real quick!


I went on extended months of research which finally led me to the Discovery that all these Weightloss solution promoters were just deceiving us.  


Some of them know the truth but because I tastes “Bitter” they keep selling us sugar coated programs and Supplements.  


Promising that we will lose weight by taking all these Chineese teas, Supplements or even Slim patchesand Waist trainers!  


Epic Fail!


 Why taking ONLY slimming pills or Chineese Slimming teas will never help you lose fat and attain your dream shape and figure....

Of late, I see promoters of Slimming teas spending millions of Naira advertising these Chineese teas on popular blogs and even go as far as using Popular Celebrities and Actress in the Nollywood industry as ambassadors.


Even those that were never fat and never used their products to lose any fat.


They promise us a magic solution to weightloss, they tell us to simply drink a “slimming tea and start losing weight in our belly, arm thigh etc.


Even when we still eat the wrong kinds of food, and live a sedentary lifestyle.


Is this ever going to work?


Do you still believe you can lose fat by simply drinking a slimming tea or taking a pill down your throat?


While still eating your Meatpie, processed foods, high carbs foods and drinking alcohol?


I will like to show you some of the comments from people who have tried all these fake slimming teas and pills but never lost a Kg of fat in the process.

There was even one Advert of one of the slim teas that Discouraged Working out and healthy eating while promoting their Slimming tea, telling that all you needed to do was to drink their tea alone to lose fat. Here are some angry comments.

Here is another one....

 And  there are lots and lots of other angry comments towards the Popular Slim teas sold everywhere...


Just last month, I walked into my colleague in office feeling disappointed and angry over the last set of slimming teas she bought which was an utter disappointment.


I asked her how much fat she lost in the process and she replied;


“Lost what?”


“After spending N18,000 from my last salary on this useless tea, I gained an extra 2kg when I stopped taking it.”


“I regret falling for this cheap scam again”


I laughed because I know exactly why these Chineese Slimming Teas don’t work and may never work!


After Intensive research, I found out that Most Chineese slimming teas contain a dangerous Laxative called senna. Senna when taken in overdose can cause death, fatal liver failure and is dangerous to your health.


Senna is known to have a dehydrating effect which makes you lose “water weight” (Not real fat) and consumption of Senna is accompanied by frequent Urination.


So when you climb the scale you notice a “Fake” drop in weight, but this is just due to the fact that you have lost so much water in the process.


In 2013, a Delta State-based Nollywood location manager, Chinedu Epeagba, reportedly died after a brief illness which was believed to have been aggravated by the slimming tea he consumed.


Also in 2014 the media was awash with the news of the demise of one Betty Kums.


An autopsy report revealed it was the side effects of a slimming tea that took her life.


While this is not to scare you, here is a News I read on Punch Newspaper early last year that proved my fears beyond any questionable doubt.

So you see why I ask you to look before you leap while sponsoring all these Slimming teas and Pills?


I even fell a victim myself in the past after a friend of mine who was promoting one of them pressured me to try it out.


The first day I tried the tea, I drank it in the morning and by afternoon, and my trauma began.


“I started to have palpitations; it was as if I was going to pass out. I was restless, I knew something was wrong.

When I checked my blood pressure it was over 140; I had never battled with high blood pressure in my life and no one had to tell me to throw the remaining teabags away."


That was what saved my life then.


But I discovered the truth the hard way!


To successfully lose any type of fat, be it post pregnancy belly fat, Christian mummy arm, fat thighs, oversized breast and Buttocks, one must follow a Natural approach!


You much switch your diet to a healthy one, while incorporating workouts and exercises to your daily lifestyle.


Meanwhile I am not saying some Natural plant-based supplements don’t work, few of them works but not when taken alone.


  You must supplement any Natural Supplement with a perfect and well-designed Diet plan and lifestyle change.....

And that is why my One year old discovery from an Indian health expert is what I can refer as the Fatloss Miracle solution.


This combined therapy fatloss solution I got to discover after years of trial and errors works faster than any other system for fatloss because it follows the rules of Natural fatloss and Fitness.

I am Referring to the BURN in 30, 3-In-1 combined therapy program....

 My Encounter with an Indian Health Expert in Mumbai

Sometime last year, I went on a working Visit to Mumbai, India. We were in a conference were I was lucky to sit just beside an Indian Health and Fitness Expert, one Dr. Yogesh.


During the Tea break, we started chatting about several subjects related to weightloss, health and Fitness where I threw a question at him but I was shocked by his response being that he practices pure Orthodox Medicine.


I asked him if it’s Possible to lose fat with Just pills being that Indians are raving over Western fatloss pills at the moment.


He simply shock his head in utter disapproval and said to me;


“Trisha, There’s sadly no Supplement that can burn off all the fat in your body, the best you can do is combine a Natural Supplement with Healthy eating and Exercising”


At this point, I realized that I have been doing it the right way.


I didn’t regret turning down requests by Pills and slimming teas promoters in the past.


Listen to me my dear…


I have designed numerous fatloss programs in the past, both for individuals and Companies.

But since I discovered the Power of the combined therapy approach to fatloss, I have been able to help people lose fat faster than ever imagined, naturally!


And this was possible through the power of the BURN in 30 combined therapy fatloss system.


Click here to Order your Burn in 30 3-in-1 combined therapy Kit.

 What is BURN in 30 Combined Therapy fatloss Program? 

BURN IN 30 is a breakthrough combined therapy fat management program which employs a highly innovative Natural Fatloss supplement products, a simple yet very effective meal plan and Simple workout routine to give you the type of weightloss results you have never seen before.


  • An Average of 3 out of every 5 people that tried this combined therapy lost 3kg in the First Week which is made up of a simple Detox System using a Special Alkaline Drink and Detox Meal plan made up of simple delicious Nigerian foods.

  • An Average of 4 out of every 5 ends up dropping atleast 2 dress sizes and lose over 7-10 Kg by the Third week of the therapy.

  • And Everyone who have tried this program ends up dropping from 7-18kg or more by the end of the combined therapy.

Like the name implies, this approach of weightloss combines a specially made Natural fatloss supplement with a highly effective eating system which comprises of 100% Nigerian foods available at all seasons and everywhere in the country.


So with not so much work, Zero Starvation, and skipping meals you get to the size of your dream.


Here are some More LIVE Pictures of the BURN in 30 Kit below..... 

BURN IN 30 Kit
BURN IN 30 Kit

 This system is a respecter of no kind of fat!

Be it belly fat, post pregnancy belly fat, Fat due to C-Section, beer belly fat, arm fat aka (Chrtistian mummy fat), Estrogen fat, thigh fat etc.


Whether you are a Mother of 5, a young lady who is looking for a spouse, a young man who wants to keep fit, Daddy with beer belly or you are like one of my subscribers “Oremu” who needed to get to that perfect shape before her wedding day….


As long as you have fats sitting anywhere in your system, the combined therapy program mobilizes these fats, and burns them off taking you to where you want to be 30 days from today.

"I have never seen a weightloss program that says the tuth like this. It's really simple to follow through and the results are Just Amazing!"

- Ms. Fidelia Njokwu

 What is in the BURN IN 30 Program and how does It work!!!

BURN in 30 is a Fatloss therapy that was discovered by sheer luck!

I sat one day and thought to myself.


If There has been so much noise about some great supplements working in aiding fatloss and also being that eating healthy and working out has been proven to be a sure bet for weightloss having worked for me…..

What if I combine both Natural supplement aid and proper dieting/ Workouts, won’t it give a faster and more permanent result?


I messaged my Doctor friend in the US over skype and we went to work, tried various diets plan plus popular Natural supplements on various cleints..


And Finally, after several months on trial and error, We found a winning system!


Here is a pictorial illustration of how the Burn in 30 Works!

Liven Alkaline Coffee (Cuppucino)

Liven Alkaline Coffee is made of premium Arabica beans, fortified with 16,000 phytonutrients from Complete Phyto-Energizer plus phytoalkaline powder. Phyto-alkaline powder neutralizes the acids in the body and promotes faster absorption of food nutrients. Liven alkaline Coffee helps balance your body’s natural pH level, detoxifies the system and promotes fatloss.

With it’s origin from Yemen, this specially made Alkaline drink makes detoxification and weightloss 10x faster because it has special abilities to open up fat cells, mobilizing fats, ramps up catecholamine levels, reduces insulin, boosts metabolism and blunts hunger.

Remember an Acidic system prevents fatloss and causes the body to produce too much Insulin.

This Drink when combined with a Weel designed detox meal plan helps you lose from 3-5kg or even more in the first week NATURALLY!


BURN Slim Supplement

BURN SLIM is a special proprietary blend of Garcina Cambogia Extract (Hydrocycitric acid 60%),Green Tea extract (Catechin 60%) Conjugated Linoleic Acid, L-Carnitine and White Kidney bean extract.

Unlike most slimming pills out there that promises to give you a shrinking effect when swallowed, the BURN Slim Supplement gives you an amazing fatloss transformation when combined with a well-designed Meal plan and Effective Workout routine.

Its active ingredients give a stunning metabolic boosting effect, lowers appetite and cravings, mobilizes  stored fats from fat cells, breaks triglycerides and helps you burn fat hourly at an amazing intensity.


BURN 30 Days Meal Plan.

The Burn in 30 Meal plan is comprised of an 8 Weeks well-designed food time table made up of 100% fat burning Nigerian foods. The plan when combined with the Liven Alkaline coffee and Burn Slim Supplements help you shed fat at an amazing pace.

It is two separate plan, the BURN in 30 Lite Meal plan and the BURN in 30 Intense Meal plan for people who want to lose fat as fast as yesterday.

Diet is a very important aspect of your fatloss journey.

Take all the slimming tablets in the world, slimming teas etc, if you are not eating the right kinds of food in the right proportion, you will never get to your desired goal in your weigtloss journey!

In this program, you are going to follow our professionally designed Meal plans, which uses all the hidden fatloss dieting rules, deigned in the correct calorific quantity and quality required to give you a stunning fatloss transformation.

Above all, these foods are still very delicious, tasty and not some boring meals found on most “Diet” programs sold around.

Additionally, you will discover over 7 Flatbelly and fatloss Natural Drink recipe used by Nollywood celebrities to achieve an amazing shape and size in a matter of days.


BURN in 30 Minutes Workout DVD

We all know how important an increased physical activity is when one is trying to lose weight. Exercise makes your fatloss result come 200 times faster than if you are just dieting and taking supplements alone.

I know 60% of women to work out, so the BURN IN 30 Workouts were made as simple as possible and all you need is a workout mat and your little space in your room or sitting room and you are good.

The workouts in the BURN 30 minutes workout DVD are simple, effective and targeted exercises that goes straight to the belly, arm and all pain points, forcing the stored fats off while restoring your body to the once sexy and trendy sweet 16 you were.

The workouts are designed for both Beginners and Professionals so it doesn’t matter if you have never exercised in your life. Just follow what the instructor does on the screen and you are good to go.

So here are the four major components that works hand in hand to give you a fatloss Mega transformation in matter of 30 days or less.

Just Sit and...

  • Imagine Walking anywhere with shoulders high, high esteem and confidence because you have attained your dream size and shape at last.

  • Imagine getting wonderful complements from your spouse or husband such as “ Darling, you look amazing now”, “Baby, I am falling in love with you once again”

  • Imagine Getting all the doubting Thomas’s who never believed in you making comments like “How did you do it?”, “You look so trimmed and awesome, I like your new look”.

  • Imagine fitting into your old slim fit jean and gown that refused to size you in the past.

  • Imagine walking into a gathering and all eyes are turned in your direction in admiration of your nice looking shape and curves.

  • Imagine a rejuvenated health, high productivity and increased fitness level, so you can climb your office stairs with ease, trek or jog distances without panting for air.

  • Imagine a clearer, blemish free skin at the end of the combined therapy…

And many many more benefits to your health and Fitness...

If you can picture this transformation in your head right now, then you can achieve it at the end of this combined therapy program.


I am extra sure that the BURN in 30 will turn out to be the last fatloss program you are going to try, your fatloss final bus stop.


Click here to get your burn in 30 kit in no time

Over 50 Nigerian Men and Women who have tried this program with great testimonies cannot be wrong.


I call this the FASTEST and EASIEST Approach to losing any type of fat you have sitting there, giving you sleepless nights and taking you off the public glare.


All these will be things of the past!


  • You will sit and remember all the days of struggling with fat and be thankful for your transformation.
  • You will always look at your bathroom mirror and smile at your new look, not to talk of the number of pictures you’ll start taking.
  • You won’t have issues going on shopping anylonger because with the help of this system, losing 2-5 dress sizes is a simple walk in the park.
  • You won’t have anybody terming you Orobo, Madam or “Mama this and that” because you will look 5-10 years longer, replenished and extra vibrant.
  • You will be able to win the heart of your husband back because aside from your new looks, your sex life will be extremely improved.


If you still think am making empty promises then you need to look at some more testimonies from people like you below.


Here is another Amazing testimony

 With all these said, How much is this BURN in 30 Combined Therapy? 

I don’t want to think of or consider the efforts and money spent on designing and putting out this therapy to the public.


Because, I will just be tempted to price this program so high, and believe me at any rate it’ll still be worth it. Considering the fact that this will be your last fatloss program.


But I want it to be extra affordable for just anyone to afford it.


Remember the BURN in 30 is a Physical fatloss kit that will be sent to your doorstep after order.

So you don’t have any issue with downloading or digesting the program at any point in time you wish to.


We initially planned to price this Breakthrough therapy at N55,000 being that you will be dropping from 5-23kg of pure fat at the end of the day.


But we decided to plead with our partner company for a massive slash on the price of the program and make it extra affordable.


So you will be getting it at Just....


instead of N55,000


 But Wait, this is a highly time sensitive offer!!!


"This is a Limited time offer for the first 50 pieces of the kit that we have in stock."


Once the stock is exhausted, you will definitely have to buy at a higher price, so I hope you make it among the first 50 Smart Action takers.


Here is how to Order your BURN in 30 Combined Therapy Kit....

How to Order your Burn in 30 Kit

Option One

This is for people who are making an instant payment via Bank Deposit or Internet/ATM/Mobile Transfers for this Kit. I am doing a special discount for you, so you pay just N23,000 to the Following bank account.


Bank: Guarantee Trust Bank Plc

Account Name: Health and Fitness Pal Nigeria

Account Number: 017-748-8202


After making the payment, make sure you send your payment details to me through Email to: naijafatlosscoach@gmail.com or Call/Text: 08126594436


The subject of the email should be "Paid For BURN in 30 Kit".


The payment details you are to send are:

 1. Your Full Name

2. Amount paid & Bank paid

3. Teller Number (No need for this if you paid via internet banking)

4. Date Of Payment

5. Your Phone Number

6. Your email address

7. Your Physical Address (for delivery)


As soon as your payment is confirmed from the bank, your Burn in 30 kit will be processed for delivery immediately to your physical address.


PLEASE NOTE - As soon as your payment is confirmed, you will receive an E-mail acknowledgment from me. Your Package will be delivered to your doorstep through a courier service within 3 to 5 working days!

Option Two

Cash on delivery to any location in Nigeria (COD):

(We send you the product, you get it and pay the delivery person)

No matter where you reside in  the country, if you're really serious about ordering, making yourself available and claiming your order, you can place your order now, we bring it in 1-5 days depending and you pay the delivery person.


To use this option, quickly send us the following details via text message to 08126594436


* Order for BURN IN 30

* Your Full Name

* Your Phone Number (Provide 2 numbers if available)

* Full Address (Home Or Office, we deliver to anywhere you want)

* When You Need The Item To be Delivered To you (DATE) The Date shouldn't exceed 5 days.


Please we implore you to be extra sure you really want this kit and will be in town when the delivery person brings your kit. Returns due to your unavailability costs us a lot so please help us to help you.

Offer A 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Now I want to make you a sincere promise, I want you to test this Therapy for Two full months with NO RISK!

If after testing this product you still don't lose from 5-20kg of belly, arm or body fat, (Which is impossible) simply contact us at  returns@burnin30.ng and we will return 100% of your money.

No Question Asked!

There is no better way to start your fatloss journey this year than with the Burn in 30 Therapy.

This system has been well designed and Perfected to give you the kind of weightloss Transformation you have not seen before.

The best thing is that this whole system is 100% Natural, from the Supplements to the foods in the plan.

At this point, the decision is yours to take, the Ball is in your court and all that you may have ever needed to achieve your dream body, flat belly and improved health is now kept in front of you.

Being Fat is No longer a sign of Wealth aor Good Health!

Being Fat now increases your risk of Cancer, Heart attack, Type 2 Diabetes and a host of other deadly diseases.

Take advantage of this 3-in-1 Therapy and Thank me later.

Dr. (Mrs) Trisha Morgan

Health and Fitness Pal, Nigeria

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